Thursday, June 23, 2011

"When I have a little boy...."

I've always dreamed of having a son. I wanted a boy, first, then three girls after. I wanted them to have an older brother they could run to when they needed something. I always wanted an older brother and was jealous of my friends who did. One day....


  1. Congrats on going to get Darren! We're adopting from the same region (Alex) so maybe we will be there at the same time???

    Peace on the journey!


  2. YAY!! I am sooooo happy sweet Darren has a familiy!! I have just loved his sweet little face and was slightly panicked when it was gone for the last few days, so happy for you and this sweet boy...CONGRATULATIONS! We are in the process of adopting "Mary" from RR. I look forward to following your journey!!